Monday, April 21, 2014

Project H

I recently read an article about Project H. Project H is a project that was started in 2008 in North Carolina to help students in a poor district learn how they could help improve their town as well as learn the design skill necessary to do this. It really is a compelling story. It can be found at:

This is also the introduction video of the documentary about them.

As many of you know I am very much aligned with Sugata Mitra’s philosophy about education, having used it for the last year and a bit in my classroom. Project H is more of the direction I envision education going in. It teaches students skills in areas of their interest. In this case it is design. But what if we extended that a bit and followed more of the student’s ideas. Those wanting to study fashion could do so. This is but one example of what education should be about, giving directly to the student’s usable skills so they can build on a lifetime of success.

It is time to move away from the daily grind and start moving towards a future that holds success and student interest in high esteem.