Friday, August 22, 2014

SOLE Meets the Costa Rican Minister of Education

Google seeks rapprochement with MEP to run application in schools and colleges

Google representatives met this afternoon with the hierarch of the MEP to expose application projects in schools and colleges.  CRH.
Google representatives met this afternoon with the hierarch MEP Sonia Marta Mora to expose application projects in schools and colleges. CRH.
Representatives of the company that develops applications for Vizzico Google met with Education Minister Sonia Marta Mora to implement different apps for schools and colleges for free.
Applications are focused on education from different areas highlighting the reduction of carbon footprint, through a technological interaction between different students through cloud connectivity.
Google + allows students from public and private schools to create awareness on environmental protection and other issues, as well as re sexiest education system and avoid abandonment of classes.
According to Andrew Greig, representative of the development firm App for Google, confirmed that in the countries where it is implemented, the results have been satisfactory and allows the reduction of the number of 16 years of study on three different topics.
Through applications, students develop skills that receive the same quality of teachers will also be possible to form part of college project that Google plans to create a future.
"The apps not only allow young approach to education but gives them tools to create more knowledge and develop options to innovate in the way they learn," said Greig.
According to Sonia Marta Mora, hierarch of the MEP, this initiative seeks to apply more dynamic self-learning technology tools that excites most young children and be in class.
"This approach allows Google to know the interest they have to work in Costa Rica for talent, what seems to us an innovative opportunity for the education system," said the minister.
He also reiterated that the possible joint work will be analyzed to determine the feasibility of implementing the proposal for the adoption of technology applications dedicated to education.
Mora reaffirmed that could begin to negotiate the implementation of a pilot project.
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