Thursday, May 29, 2014

End of Year Testing

Success comes in many different forms. In education we often focus on test results for the wrong reasons. In testing we often lump all the students together to make decisions about education agendas rather than individual students.

I have finished testing each of the students in my Grade 5 class for their reading skills. I used the Heinemann Benchmark 2 Assessment System. In this system students read a passage, I record errors, Self corrections and fluency. I also ask them questions about the text.

I have to say that I am proud of each and everyone of them. Their reading levels have improved. I have six students reading at late Grade 5 level. 7 Students are reading at mid to late Grade 6 level and 8 students reading at Grade 7 level or above. All of this was done through using SOLE as a point of teaching with a limited amount of traditional teaching.

One of my students improved three reading levels this year. He has been working on his self control issues and worked to become more focused on his assignments while gather self esteem and personal respect. Two of my students needed glasses all year, finally receiving them in the last couple of weeks. If the work they have shown since is any indicator I suspect their reading levels would also improve dramatically. Another boy recently informed me he has finished the first good book he has ever read. As he has learned to control his add + adhd he has been turning his strong mind towards more positive things.

As they have discovered learning is a two way street. We work together to make them more successful in what they do.

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