Thursday, July 24, 2014

Testing? Comparing?

In my class I talk at great length about how comparing yourself to another person is like comparing an orange to a dog. They both have great qualities but are vastly different. Each has a special purpose that is not related to each other. Children are the same. They each have their special purpose, that part that is unique and special. It is who defines them. And then we test them so they can see who is smarter than they are or less likely to succeed than they are. Tests create cultural and class distinctions. They create comparisons that can destroy egos. We test children because that has what has always been done. We need proof that they are learning. But what if we didn’t test them or draw comparisons to others? What if we encouraged students to learn and explore and develop their innate talents?  What if we set problems and had them solve them? What if their reading levels improved innately because of this research? What if their communication skills and self awareness grew exponentially because they learned to believe in what they can do? In my class students were doing all this and more. This is because of SOLE.