Friday, August 22, 2014

Google and SOLE are investing in Costa Rican Education

Google raises the country develop apps to avoid attrition and promote carbon neutrality

Project aims to encourage the use of Google platforms in public schools

The application developer Vizzico Googleproposed the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) , a development application to combat school dropout and reduce carbon emissions in the country in the coming years.
The barely initiative within the first dialogue-intended for students in primary and secondary run online projects at the same time share with people from other countries through the netGoogle+ .
The proposal consists of three complementary projects, one to develop learning and innovation through online contests that take place in social networks.
These initiatives are rewarded financially and serve to prevent students leaving the classroom, and can enhance the talent of young people making the search for solutions to social problems.
The second phase consists of an application in which students participate in the reduction of carbon emissions is related to the country's 2021 goal.
The latest proposal of the project is to develop pilot programs in poor urban schools to bring technology to those areas and combat attrition.