Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kickstarter help.

Below is the essence of the Kickstarter program we are hoping to roll out shortly. I have included the essence of that we are doing and looking for feedback on it. You can either reply here or email me directly. I am especially interested in the rewards for investing with us. Is it too much? Not enough?

Thanks for your help

Using Self Organized Learning Environments and The Latest in Technology To Enrich the Lives of Children.


To develop the interests and abilities of all children through using the latest technologies.

To develop a platform from which all children can work together to research and share information.

To have children from all walks of life and anywhere in the world researching to help make the world a better place

To develop a method for children to be compensated for their research.

Imagine children, abled and disabled, from anywhere in the world working together to create community and enrich lives.

Imagine children researching and sharing information based on their interests leading to improved reading and comprehension levels through using technology and higher level thinking skills.

Imagine children working together to research and reach positive conclusions that help make this world a better place.

What we propose to do

Build a SOLE powered Google search engine.
To build an interface where children can share their research
To build a model for children to research issues of ecological impact for consumers
To provide a place of involvement for all children regardless of their abilities
Kickstarter rewards

The question is are these too much? Not enough?
Is the spread too wide? Any thoughts

What gifts do we offer on Kick starter
$5 - $50 wrist bands to demonstrate they are part of the cause
$100 really cool T Shirts
$1000 chromebook or tablet
over $5000 Emotive headset

so many free searches..

supported G apps accounts