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Branding part 2

Here is another I like.

7 Tips for Creating & Managing

Your Personal Brand

by Predrag Lesic | Mar 3, 2015 | Personal Branding | 0 comments


Know yourself.

Your experiences (whether personal or professional) help to shape

and mold you into the person that you are today. They are also apart

of your larger story and should be reflected in your personal brand.

2. Identify Your Brand.

Whether you like it or not, your personal brand is one of the first things

a potential employer notices when considering you for a job position.

It’s more than the 5-7 bullets highlighted on your resume – it’s your

character, the way you dress, how you carry yourself and so much


This brand should showcase your interests and personality, while

speaking to your skills, perspectives and strengths. It should also

contain a specific message and speak to your suitability for a

particular position, company or industry.

How do you want your potential employer and others to perceive

you? Take the time to self-reflect and determine what exactly it is that

you want to be known for personally and professionally.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your personal brand.

4. Make Sure the Social Media Stars Align.

When you’re building a personal brand, remember that all publicity is

not good publicity.

And with social media platforms emerging as the sole resource for

sharing your online identity with the world, you may have less control

than you think – yup, those old college Facebook photos are just one

Google search away from your potential employer.

Read the fine print before creating any social media account as

elusive privacy settings or open controls may fail to give you complete

authority of your online persona and personal brand.

If you have several social media accounts already in place, control

your personal brand by updating your bio and privacy settings. It’s

also vital that you watch what you say at all times – if you don’t want

your potential employer reading it, it’s probably not worth sharing.

5. Practice What You Preach.

Think your personal branding journey is complete once you’ve created

a website and updated your social profiles? Think again.

Practice what you preach by becoming your personal brand. Do you

claim to be the next Beyoncé of PR? Then you better join several PR

organizations, be able to blurt out the top 10 most successful PR

campaigns of 2014 and have a few noteworthy industry internships

under your belt.

6. Create Opportunities for Yourself.

As much as you’d probably like your personal brands to do the work

for you, it’s simply just the beginning of this journey. Create

opportunities by networking and attending relevant events in your

industry. Your dream job may be one resume submission away, but

you’ll still have to utilize your contacts (along with your personal

brand) to go get it.

7. Continue to Update Your Personal


Once you land that dream job, continue to mold and evolve your

personal brand to fit your changing skill sets, interests, experiences,

and goals as they grow over time. Keep in mind that this brand should

remain fluid and relevant to your industry as its sole purpose is to help

with the advancement of your career.

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