Sunday, January 12, 2014

SOLE and Behaviour

One of the greatest things about SOLE, in my humble opinion, is the way the students have pulled together as a team. Before we started SOLE they were two separate Grades, Grade 4 and Grade 5. They rarely if ever worked together on their work. Since we started SOLE they keep commenting on how they have learned so much from each other by working together. They compliment each other and work very hard. The Grade 4's want to prove they can work with the Grade 5's and the 5' s want to stay ahead on the scale. It has become more of a natural fit. Now if we could only mix up the groups with an equal amount of boys and girls.

One of the largest things about working with SOLE is the fact that the behaviour issues have dropped dramatically. It doesn't mean they are not still there. They are but because the students are addressing the group issues in a positive way the behaviour problems have become very manageable. I keep hearing people say, "We need to get this done. You need to do your part to help. Do you think Mr. Ferguson doesn't notice you aren't working? It will show up clearly when we present and answer questions."  Some are becoming very adept at keeping their group members focused.