Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Things We Learn Using Technology

I had set up a document for my students to load and save under their name. They then had to look up some definitions before we can proceed to the next step in Science. After working through a few kinks, laptops not charged, people not able to follow instructions, they worked well on the assignment. As I wandered around answering questions and explaining how to do a few things I realized something: They were doing things they would never do by hand. They looked up the definitions without any moaning or groaning. If they had to use a book and write them on paper they would voice their objections. Now there was nothing but work. They found examples to support the definitions and were able to insert them into the document. Much neater than trying to draw them for some people. They were writing more information than before and with more depth as they put the information into their own words. Before it would have been a struggle to get one sentence.  I also noticed that they were putting the information into point form before converting it back into sentences. This amazed me because when I was having them write by hand it was always a struggle. It impressed me that they were doing it naturally, without prompting from me. Their spelling is better. I pondered over this one for a while. Even those who are self proclaimed non spellers cannot argue with the fact that the word is right there in front of them. Also I believe that because they are reading more and more online everyday they are noticing how the words are spelled and remembering it when the time comes to use it. They also spend longer amounts of time focused on the assignment. There was virtually no talking from any one for the almost 2 periods we used to do this. This is unheard of because they are quite the chattering group. To say I am pleased with the progress they are making would be an understatement.